A Hard Disk Drive is the main storage area in your computer system. It stores all your applications, documents, system files etc. The Hard Drive also stores your OS used to run the various applications etc. Today, most people who use computers are aware of the numerous ways in which it can get damaged and are therefore ensure the safety of their data by taking timely back-ups. We protect our systems and data as much as possible to ensure no data loss occurs, or even if it does, we have the means of getting it all back intact. However when our data is lost due to some natural causes such as a fire or flood and the Drive itself does not work, all these ‘technologies’ are of no use to us. One should then go to Hard Drive Recovery Services.

A simple instance of such a situation could be if your house or office catches fire. Once your hard disk drive is burnt, you would generally loose hope of ever getting back what was on it.


All the plastic components and small electrical parts are either burnt, melted or charred.
Added to this is all the fire fighting equipment-water, sand
Debris, smoke etc cause damaging effects to the read/write head etc.


The Hard Drive may have been burnt but experts from Data Recovery Companies, having Hard Drive Recovery Services, can still get back your lost information. Such damaged drives often have undamaged Head Assemblies, which technicians is such companies can use for Data Recovery Services. Data Recovery Companies have specialized Clean Rooms which are sterilized environments where they work and recover data safely.

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