May 18, 2022


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Promising Ways To Maximize Your Website Design In 2022

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The 12 Most Inspiring Graphic Design Trends for 2022

When it comes to the trends of designing a website, they keep on changing frequently. Today, in 2022, the professionals of a leading web design agency in Reno are counting on the trends that are mentioned in this guide.

  • Text-Only Hero Images

Newspapers always put their most attention-grabbing, vital information “above the fold” in order to increase sales. The website equivalent of this is at the top of a page and is called the “hero section”. A current trend to catch the attention of internet users who are bombarded by different web pages ever day is getting rid of the usual background image in the hero section and replacing it with striking typography. A bold, unique font could be just the thing to get a user’s attention quickly.

  • Vintage-Inspired Colors & Typography

It is true that the older we get, the more we look to the past as a time that was simpler and better. Tapping into an audience’s sense of nostalgia does not simply create a throwback on the webpage; it blends vintage pieces with modern style. Try amalgamating vintage-inspired fonts and colors with modern imagery for an ultra-trendy look.

  • Bold Fonts

Visiting a lot of websites for leading corporations will show you that bold typography is on-trend. With heavy, bold fonts, the reader is instantly aware of the message, not necessarily the imagery. A professional and experienced Reno web designer will mix these large fonts with neutral colors that further call attention to the headlines, quickly becoming an “image” of their own.

  • Data Visualization

Communicating data in an engaging manner is a struggle. However, the struggle is worth it for the reason that using data visualization takes advantage of the fact that humans are visual creatures, and still conveys the message you need to get across. Data visualization creates images out of your data that engage your reader and makes them want to gain more knowledge regarding your brand. Graphs and Infographics are some of the most popular techniques to bring data to life.

  • Dark Mode

Dark mode website designs serve a couple of different functions. On the practical end, they help lessen eye strain, a concern for a lot as we are spending more and more time looking at screens. On the aesthetic end, dark mode effortlessly creates an ultra-modern look for the website while providing you with the capability of drawing attention to other design elements simply by darkening the elements that surround it.

  • White Space

The use of white space is about providing content with room to breathe, not trying to cram the majority of information possible on the screen. The experience is more relaxing for the website visitors, the content stands out better, and readability is enhanced.

White space is simply the term for the spacing we give between elements. It does not have to be white, as long as the area is empty. This is the reason it is also known as “negative space”.

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