May 17, 2022


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Spectrum phone options give reliable home phone services

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If you are looking for some affordable and reliable home phone services then you must check out spectrum phone options as they provide very reliable home phone services. With the spectrum voice, you will be able to get instant tracing to 911 services. They provide their home phone services at a very cheap rate and also you will be able to get unlimited Nationwide calling with no added taxes or fees. Spectrum voice is considered one of the best home phone services plans as you will get unlimited nationwide calling anywhere in the US to Puerto, Mexico, Canada, Guam, Rico, USA virgin Islands, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands. 

Spectrum Voice provides more than 28 home phone features without any extra cost involved. 

Spectrum voice calling features

If you subscribe to Spectrum phone services then you will get the following features provided by spectrum voice which includes the following:

Caller ID

With the caller ID feature of spectrum voice, the phone number and name of the incoming caller is displayed on a caller ID unit if available before you answering the call. 

Simultaneous ring

If you don’t want to miss your important call when you are away from your home then with the simultaneous ring feature you can add up to five additional numbers so that you will be able to receive your incoming calls with those simultaneous Rings with additional numbers. 

Block anonymous calls

You will be able to reject all those calls whose caller ID information are blocked or hidden. Whenever you are not accepting caller ID blocked calls then the caller will receive a message and will be advised to unblock their number to call you again. 

Accept selected callers

You will also have the feature to accept only selected callers to avoid all the callers whose caller ID information is not provided and also you are allowed to specify your incoming calls and route all other incoming calls to your voicemail except blocked callers. 

Readable voicemail

Spectrum home phone services also give you a feature of readable Voicemail where you can receive audio files along with a full-text transcription of a Voicemail message through your email id register. 

Set-up back-up phone

Sometimes the home phone services are not available then in such a situation you can also add a backup phone number where your important calls will be forwarded so that you will not miss your important call and answer them with this forwarding call feature provided by spectrum voice.

Call waiting

When you are already in a call and someone calls you and if your call is busy then you will get a soft tone alert that reminds you that another person’s calling. The call waiting feature is also provided by spectrum voice so that you can call the other person whose call is in waiting if it is urgent in case of emergency. 

Three-way calling

Spectrum voice also provides a 3-way calling feature where you can talk with two people simultaneously at the same time. You can also place one party on hold if you want to talk privately to the other person and after some time, you can return to the three-way call and talk to all of the people altogether.

Save a lot with its bundle feature

The US market spectrum is very known for providing the best bundling services that make your monthly bill very affordable. You can bundle your spectrum Voice with spectrum internet or you can bundle your spectrum Voice with Spectrum cable TV services or you can also bundle spectrum voice spectrum internet and Spectrum cable TV services altogether to gain the most out of it. It is always advisable to go for a spectrum bundling plan because it makes your plan more affordable because they provide various promotional and discount offers on their bundling services and you will be able to save a lot on your monthly bill. 

In place of paying the different bills to different service providers, it is convenient for you to opt for spectrum bundling services and pay for your voice services internet services and cable TV services to the single provider only so there was only a single services provider to deal with. Bundling services gives you affordable and convenient option to make your life easier going. 

Spectrum voice is also provided with the best customer support experience as they are having a reliable and strong team of customer support representatives who are 24/7 ready to serve their customers need and try their best to solve your query as soon as possible. After going through the different features and advantages provided by spectrum voice it is advisable to go for spectrum home phone services if you are looking for some reliable and convenient home phone options in the US.

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