Top Ten Mistakes of Microsoft Teams Administrators


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So, we’re back to search at what other problems Microsoft Teams administrators make when it comes to the system. It’s as if I’ve never read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Get Friends and Affect People”…

In part 1 we lined:

  • Disregarding security
  • Ignoring exterior end users
  • Ignoring SharePoint
  • Disregarding Teams
  • Disregarding compliance

Of course it does not stop there, so let’s go by the other problems I see on a typical basis when speaking with organisations and IT pros.

Disregarding Gadgets

Microsoft Teams is a large beast. It is a collaboration system, and application launcher, a messaging procedure, a communications tool, and additional. But let’s concentrate on the “communications tool”.

I’ve been operating in the Microsoft ecosystem for most of my profession (there had been periods of time expended in the Unix/Linux, Cisco, Nortel, and even net design worlds), and have been making use of Microsoft instantaneous messaging tools considering that Trade Server 2000 (of course, appear it up). One particular of my earliest Microsoft certifications was on Live Communications Server, and given that then I stored up my certifications with Workplace Communications Server, Lync Server, and even Skype for Company Server. Across that time, it was simply black & white – if you utilized these tools for telephony, then you required qualified headsets and equipment – usually you would have challenges.

Even though making use of non-licensed gadgets was an exception to the rule, these times with Microsoft Groups it appears to be to be the norm. And, as you’d expect – this creates challenges. It results in problems for assembly contributors and callers who battle to mentally filter out the echo from someone’s notebook microphone. It produces troubles for people who have to tolerate wanting up someone’s nose or the aspect of their head as they use their notebook webcam.

And in the conference home room, these are amplified where by assembly individuals struggle to present, task, or even link to the meeting when applying conference products.

This is for the reason that deciding upon the correct gadgets necessitates a different set of competencies from those that most IT industry experts poss. In point, it is extra the realm of the audio/visible expert – having said that many of individuals have not necessarily arrive along for the journey of Microsoft Teams.

Even if they do have all those skills, is it realistic that the identical human being has the expertise and skills to configure Intune to control all those products? Though feasible, it’s not sensible as they are fully distinctive capabilities and character sorts.

Disregarding Use

One organisation I worked with was touted as a Microsoft situation review several years ago, as they experienced 86% of staff employing Microsoft Groups – what a earn! Anyone was ready to pat by themselves on the back and rejoice this superb deployment.

But there’s a declaring: do not allow the truth of the matter get in the way of a very good tale.

That 86% utilization was comprised mostly of chat. In simple fact, 94% of it was chat. Only 3% was voice/video clip communications or conferences, and 3% was channel-centered communications. They had efficiently rolled out Skype for Organization.

A further scenario examine from a Microsoft husband or wife described a 400% maximize in Microsoft Teams utilization due to their venture. Wow!!! However, what it didn’t mention that this was an improve from Skype for Business enterprise. When you don’t have a alternative – your utilization quantities are successfully forced.

Speaking with a couple of contacts I understood at the customer stated in the case study, their working experience with Microsoft Groups was woeful. They said they weren’t seriously trained (while it was presented, it was a blink-and-you’ll-overlook-it solution), persons ended up applying it inconsistently, and some of the features were being crippled.

But they had a 400% boost in utilization. What a acquire!

These are just a couple of examples that “usage” does not equal good usage.

Sadly, numerous individuals don’t have the time, information, or curiosity to dig beneath the superior-amount figures offered in the Microsoft 365 admin centre or the Microsoft Groups Admin Middle. Most of the IT professionals I have spoken to never even know about the Microsoft 365 Use Analytics option in Electric power BI, or the Productivity Rating in the Microsoft 365 admin middle. And if they do know of them, chances are the persons who are responsible for driving usage (i.e. non-IT personnel) really don’t know about the existence of, or have accessibility to these resources. And they most surely wouldn’t know that these resources never provide a entire tale!

Utilization is more than quantities. Use is expertise. Utilization is pleasure. Utilization is results.

Ignoring Lifecycle

For numerous, the minimal possibilities delivered by Azure Lively Directory close to Microsoft 365 Teams lifecycle is all they know. And boy are they limited – only a single expiration plan can be established, and it demands a premium license to use it. That has always boggled my head.

Likewise, Microsoft Teams presents an archival function for Groups, which if selected will set the Workforce to study-only and give you the selection to do the exact same for the affiliated SharePoint web page.

But a Team is more than just the Workforce and the SharePoint internet site. It’s Planner boards, Sorts, applications, attendees, Stream (traditional) videos, Task options, and other people. And none of these care that you have archived a Staff – they maintain heading. However, a common practice I’ve found in organisations when they want to delete a Group, is merely to duplicate the information out to a different SharePoint site for archival, and then delete the Crew (as the retention insurance policies need to maintain onto the messages).

What about the information in all the aforementioned applications and providers I just pointed out? Or the web pages in the OneNote notebook in the web-site? Or the items in the SharePoint lists? Or the webpages and information posts in the SharePoint web site? The Big dilemma with the lifecycle of Groups is that however a great deal of the written content is only not obvious to administrators, and the articles that is considerably visible – is not easy to archive/transfer/migrate/export, if at all.

But there’s beneficial business enterprise info, records, heritage, and context in all of them which is all-way too-typically lost.

Disregarding Integration

Microsoft Teams is in some cases referred to as a “meta running system”, and that objective is certainly obvious when you take into account that you can insert apps, pop-out chats and app windows, and quickly be equipped to multi-activity in just it. I wouldn’t be amazed if at some point in the in the vicinity of upcoming we’ll see a little something like a “Microsoft Teams terminal” where you practically boot into Microsoft Teams and very little else.

To make this do the job, Microsoft Teams requirements to integrate with quite a few units, and give accessibility to quite a few permissions. Want to increase that third-get together bot? It would like to go through the attributes of everybody in your directory so it can locate persons you mention.

Want to include that visible diagramming application to aid change your Excel spreadsheets into swim lane diagrams? It desires accessibility to your OneDrive.

And for each and every app is a Assistance Principal created in Azure Energetic Listing. And who’s seeing that – the Teams admin? Do they even have the ideal admin position to clean up up just after the application has been eliminated? Or to search as a result of the audit log for functions where an application may possibly have read much too a lot info?

Even within the indigenous Microsoft 365 system, a lot of the applications and providers electric power features inside of Microsoft Teams.

Disabled Planner simply because you are not ready to roll it out yet? Bye-bye Tasks in Groups.

Disabled OneDrive because you are not completely ready to migrate off on-premises file shares? Bye-bye data files in chats.

Disabled Forms simply because you consider people really do not have to have it? Bye-bye polls in Teams meetings and channels.

The record goes on and on. For each motion or perform in Microsoft Teams, there’s about 50 percent a dozen factors that relate or combine with it – so tread meticulously.

Disregarding Person Expertise

This 1 I’m going to preserve quick and sweet (really, very bitter).

It is no secret that IT gurus are not enthusiasts of close-users. We make jokes like ID10T files, classify the problem as being PEBKAC, or that the issue lies at Layer 8.

We cripple their capacity to do issues because they cannot be trustworthy, they never know what they are executing, and so on.

But here’s the issue: conclude end users are the kinds who do the points, that lets the organisation we work to exist, which in switch employs us.

We are below to provide and support them. Their frustrations with know-how impacts their employment. Their weak encounter has a flow-on result, that indirectly impacts our capacity to set meals on the desk. Their difficulties are our problems.

We require to do better, and make absolutely sure that they have the greatest knowledge possible.

If we operate to reduce the problems we make with Microsoft Groups, then maybe… just maybe we have a probability at earth peace.




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