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What are the types of firearm drills for first-time gun users?

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Glossary of Basic Firearm Terms | The Range 702

Most people who own a firearm usually think that is enough to ensure that they are safe and protected. However, basic handgun drills are a requirement for first-time gun users for the weapon to be effective. To familiarize with these drills requires one to regularly visit a licensed gun range that allows you to set up several targets and a full-sized handgun. This helps you practice how to unholster your weapon with ease without harming yourself or those around you. A holster may seem like extra baggage, but it is a vital tool that ensures the user’s safety and maintains the loaded weapon in a stable position, making it easy to draw the gun safely.

Five critical drills that enhance your gun use and general safety

The first most crucial drill recommended for first-time gun users is the dry-fire trigger practice that helps an individual pull the trigger while focusing on the target. This may seem simple, but many people cannot fire their weapon for the first time without pulling their focus off the mark. During a dry-fire trigger practice, one should empty the gun to build up confidence while firing the weapon. It is essential to have a gun expert during this session to ensure you maintain the appropriate firing stance before and after pulling the trigger.

The second drill is the dry-fire draw practice, which helps one practice safe and efficient ways to draw a handgun from concealment. It requires a well-set target that is put about five yards from the firing position. Once the weapon is placed in the holster, employ the same stance from the previous drill and set a timer to practice how to draw the gun safely. Most injuries that are gun-related often occur during unsafe drawing, resulting in self-inflicted harm. This drill should be done regularly until one masters how to draw and aim safely before firing.

The 5×5 drill involves using live rounds and should be carried out at a gun range or an isolated outdoor range. It requires one to draw five circles on a target, load the firearm with five rounds and then place it five yards away from the shooting position. It is an excellent way to practice using a timer and helps a gun user focus on the circles on the target. The drill prepares you to fire accurately under pressure, as you aim to put five rounds in every process in under 25 seconds.

Once you can fire accurately at the target, you are clear to proceed to the next drill, referred to as support hand only or strong hand only. Though most people don’t consider this drill to be necessary, it prepares you in the event where you are required to defend yourself. Since this could provide a challenge in getting into the usual two-hand position and stance, it prepares you to get used to nontraditional firing positions. You don’t need a timer during this drill since the purpose is to enable you to fire accurately using both hands independently.

The last drill is the failure to stop the drill, which helps you make every shot count. It is a vital drill that lets you gain the speed and patience required when aiming at different targets. It is critical to have a licensed gun expert near you go through the drills to ensure you do them well and safely.

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