So many type of smart phone or mobile applications developments abound nowadays. For instance, the android apps development is so popular. Not to be left behind are the application development of such products as Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Windows, BlackBerry, and Symbian. Web application development includes Asp. Net, PHP, Ajax, SharePoint, J2EE, Web 2.0 and.Net applications. The category custom app development is where desktop app development will fall under. Android is an open source OS and is actually Linux based. Contrary to popular belief, Google is not the sole owner of all android applications. Ownership of Android is shared by many mobile operators, semiconductor firms and software companies.

There are three main versions of Android OS. Rights are granted to third party app developers by Android’s nature of being an open source program. They have the freedom to create and consequently publish their own apps. The feedback can also be received. The creation of apps by android apps developers can be created on any type of platform. You can choose to use Windows, or you can use Linux instead. Other android app developers use Mac OS X instead. Android apps development no doubt leads the pack in this fast-moving market of smart phone application developments.

More than 50000 android apps currently exist. The productivity of the mobile market is increasing by leaps and bounds and every year witnesses the introduction of new android mobile phones. A lot of benefits are made available to anybody who create apps using android. The android platforms hold a lot of comprehensive libraries that can be utilized for 2D or 3D graphics. Even the creation of video or audio files is made easy by the presence of these libraries. Image files are also created easily using these advantageous features. A closer look at the services provided by these android app development companies reveal that after creation of the apps, they are subjected to testing in the stimulator. The final test will be conducted in the android device. This is primarily to get a solution that is deemed to be efficient.

The android apps will surely be appreciated greatly by those who have an interest in application development. The absence of any differentiation between mobile phones’ core application and other third party apps makes this possible. All services for all android-based devices are the focus of android app development companies. Basically, they are all Wi-Fi based or Bluetooth-based. Media or graphic files are also supported in a big way by android phones.

Those who work on android applications need to be highly experienced in mobile apps. They should have developed these mobile apps for a very long time. This field experience will equip them once they decide to move on to the creation of android apps. Thus each and every app created by these developers need to be a master pieces or an engineering excellence. An extensive knowledge on android SDKs or android NDKs is of great importance. They should also be knowledgeable regarding the editing of existing apps and converting them into android compatible apps, should there be a need to do so.

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