There has been a lot of emphasis on disaster recovery over the past few years for businesses on a global scale. Company owners understand the importance of backing up their data with millions still making the mistake of storing their back up drives in their office safe.

In the event of a fire or serious natural disaster where the entire building is damage, the company will not only lose their computers and servers, but the drives stored in the safe can also be seriously compromised, which can cost the company billions in the long run.

There are so many benefits to taking full advantage of a disaster recovery site, which can help you protect the valuable data your company stores. The most obvious benefit is to recover any data that is lost. With these sites, you can set up an automatic back up system. This means that as a file or order is saved, it is automatically backed up online to your folder at a disaster recovery site. This ensures in the event of a serious problem, the amount of data you could potentially lose is minimal.

Further, you will find that choose a data recovery site can save you a fortune in the long run. So many companies have found themselves losing thousands, if not more, by not having the right security measures in place when it comes to protecting their data. From invoicing to account payments to client information and orders, you could potentially lose everything, which is going to result in the company being set back days, if not weeks or months and leaving you losing contract and possibly not chasing up on overdue accounts due to not having the information at your fingertips.

You will also find that you will save your company time, which can help keep productivity levels high. Without information at your fingertips, staff can struggle to complete their duties in an effective manner. Accounts departments need information on invoicing, statements and accounts due, this helps them chase up customers to get in overdue accounts. Without this information they cannot perform these functions effectively. In the event of a disaster, once your computers are back up and running, the lost information can be restored and the teams can get back to work in the shortest space of time.

The great thing with data disaster recovery sites is that the risk of you losing large contracts and orders is reduced. As you can imagine, your servers crashing results in you losing information. Now you have customers waiting on the side lines wondering where their orders are. This not only affects the business now, but affects you in the long run. Unless the teams have a written account of the orders they have taken, there is no way of knowing which orders you have fulfilled and which customers are still waiting. This can result in you losing orders, contracts and customers moving forward. Not the ideal situation you want to find yourself in moving forward, especially in such a competitive environment where so many companies are competing for the same client on a global scale.

Choosing a disaster recovery site is also an opportunity for you to ensure your customer service levels are not compromised. With the data only a quick download away, in the event of a disaster, you can get back on track quickly and your customers will never know there was a serious problem.

The final benefit to choosing disaster recovery sites is that while you hope you will never be faced with a serious disaster in terms of your valuable data, this is a preventative step, such as your public liability insurance. Consider these sites an insurance policy to protect your business and data when you need it most.

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