Digital advertising has many assorted uses on the shop floors of industrial plants and other places of work. Its key use is to give data to workers, like manufacturing quotas, new working practices, health and safety problems, touring dignitaries and critical reminders associated with the day-to-day organization of the company. Any number of LCD advertising boards can be situated on the factory floor, based on the size of area and number of workers.

The media is quick to refresh and update as it can be also remotely accessed via the world-wide-web or in-house intranet, or by uploading the statistics onto a memory device and inserting it into the screen access point. This can be prepared in advance and set to run at explicit times, appropriate to the shift workers on the shop floor.

Much study has shown it can have a positive effect on production as little time is lost through workers’ group meetings and is visually aesthetically pleasing. It can be run with or without sound, where suitable and much more notice is taken of the moving campaigns than that of a none moving poster, or hastily written notice. Another benefit is more than one piece of information can be displayed uninterruptedly therefore several can run concurrently.

This has shown to have a constructive stimulus on workers, as information is displayed instantaneously and is rerun for reminders. It can also be utilized for social events, the refectory menu for the week, fund-raising and moral boosting. Data can of course be streamed to the office workers, were applicable.

As Digital Signage is a fitting marketing medium for both outside and inside use, extremes of weather need to be catered for.

Putting a LCD advertising screen in a ski resort is an exceptional thought, as it can offer so much data and promotion for local organizations, however with the harsh winter temperatures of -30 degrees Fahrenheit, the equipment within the poster frame demand protection. The damp from the snow, turns to ice and can destroy a hard drive therefore a thermostatically controlled temperature device needs to be deployed.

Similarly, in the scorched desserts of Arizona, electronic signage and interactive menu boards have their place too, in outlets like dining places and even a cattle diary, where milk quotas and production is monitored. This without doubt needs a thermostatically controlled cooling unit to control the soaring temperatures, without damaging the delicate systems.

Once connected to the power supply, these cooling or heating systems can be left to run, with minimal monitoring, as the thermostat will trip on or off as required, so does not have to be controlled manually. As the temperatures change in the night, as the instance of the dessert, where it can be particularly hot during the day, falling to sub-zero temperatures at night, this would need a dual controlled thermostat. The power supply is available in each countries own unique wattage, for instance, America is 120 Volts, most of Europe runs on 230 Volts (formerly 220 V) and United Kingdom used 230 Volts (formerly 240 V). The provider of the digital posters will be responsive of this and will give an opinion prior to buying.

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