Every year, you hear the same people trying to tell you that your landlines obsolete and that you need to change it ASAP. Yet, you stubbornly hold to your line and keep paying high prices just to keep it open. Is this step wise, or are you simply costing yourself unnecessary money? We know that your landline might have been around for years, but a VoIP can be a great investment.

Landlines are a Dead Tech

You know that landlines are not going to be around much longer. No matter how many companies bundle internet and cable into their phone packages, landlines simply can’t survive. They are just too expensive compared to cell phones and lack the adaptability that they provide.

That’s why only 40% of all homes have a landline these days, and why even groups like the AARP are asking “is it time to get rid of landlines?” However, you love the permanence of your landline and enjoy having the same number that you’ve had for many, many years.

All of that is understandable and even commendable. However, you may find that VoIP works just as well as your traditional phone line and provides even more benefits. Understanding the nature of a VoIP service can help you decide if you truly want to make this important upgrade or not.

Why VoIP Is a Better Investment

Voice over internet protocol or VoIP phone services use broadband internet connections to make phone calls. You can make calls either on your computer, on a synced cell phone, or even using your current landline. Companies provide converters that will take your current analog line and make it adaptable to broadband. Even better, VoIP services are usually cheaper than landlines and cell phones and can work as both.

Here’s something else that may sway your opinion here. If the only reason that you’re holding onto your landline is that you want to keep your old number, VoIP services can often migrate your old contact information to a new service. It may take some negotiating with your current landline company, but it may be possible to get your old number attached to your VoIP account quickly and efficiently.

If you can, there’s almost no reason to hold onto your landline anymore. After all, the broadband internet connection it uses is more reliable and faster than analog lines. You can also sync your cell phone to it and even use your old telephone directly with these lines. As a result, you are basically changing nothing but getting better service and lower prices. How could you not make the change?

Finding a Great Service

Are you ready to finally cancel your landline and jump into the next century? You’re not alone. We anticipate that many people will finally give up their creaky old landline and get a VoIP or a similar service very soon. We understand that change can be hard, or that it may simply feel easier to keep your landline around forever. But you deserve a better phone system that suits your needs more fully.

By analia