Ranked: Top 10 most iconic final laps in Formula 1, according to Youtube


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Formula 1 is the highest class of international racing and has seen some of sportings most nail biting moments. With this in mind, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts has taken a deep dive into the top 10 most watched final laps in Formula 1. Dramatic last laps make for some of the most intense, iconic and heartbreaking moments in Formula 1 racing.

As crowds watch on from the stands, Formula 1 drivers battle it out on the tracks for the victory title. There are many iconic and intense moments in F1 so we have picked out some of the most popular. Keep on reading to relive some of the most nail biting moments in F1 history.

Top 10 most-watched Formula 1 final laps on Youtube

Rank Video Title Race Views
1 Rosberg And Hamilton Clash On Last Lap Austrian Grand Prix 2016 8.6M views
2 Verstappen Wins Title With Final Lap Overtake! Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 8.2M views
3 Sebastian Vettel’s Championship Charge 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix 3.7M views
4 Max Verstappen’s Final Five Laps in Sochi 2021 Russian Grand Prix 3.4M views
5 Lando Norris’ Last Two Laps In Full With Team Radio 2020 Austrian Grand Prix 3.3M views
6 Rosberg’s Intense Final Lap and Celebrations 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 3.1M views
7 Crazy Final Three Laps in Monaco! 1982 Monaco Grand Prix 3.0M views
8 Raikkonen Wins Three-Way Title Battle in Sao Paulo 2007 Brazilian Grand Prix 2.5M views
9 Leclerc’s Epic Battle With Mercedes 2019 Italian Grand Prix 2.4M views
10 Brawn GP Win Debut Race in Melbourne 2009 Australian Grand Prix Highlights 1.8M views

Roseberg and Hamilton’s clash on their last lap in the Austrian Grand Prix, 2016 is the most viewed final lap on YouTube, ever! 

image 502
Source: Race Fans

Ranking as the most viewed final lap, with over 8.6 million views is team mates Hamilton and Roseberg’s final lap during the Austrian Grand Prix, 2016. As the two drivers drive wheel to wheel to battle for first place, Roseberg takes a hit to his front wing, causing him to slow down. Carbon fibre glass is shattered across the track working to his teammates advantage, Hamilton races off ahead, landing himself in first place. 

Verstappen’s final lap in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, 2021, has over 8.2 million views! 

image 501
Source: Auto Sport 

Max Verstappen’s final lap against Lewis Hamilton in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, 2021, ranks as the second most watched final lap in Formula 1 with over 8.2 million views on. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen go tyrere to tyre in a battle for first place to become world champion. 

Tensions are high as Red Bull and Mercedes teams watch the nail biting final lap, all hoping their driver gets the chance to break away and take the lead. After a controversial race reset, in the final few seconds of the final lap, Max Verstappen pulled away from Hamilton, landing himself in first place and becoming world champion for the first time. 

Sebastian Vettel’s charge for the championship title is the third most watched formula 1 final lap! 

image 500
Source: Redbull.com 

Ranking as the third most watched final lap in Formula 1, is Sebastian Vettel and his championship charge. The video has received over 3.7 million views as viewers watch as Sebastian Vettel goes from the back of the race, right to the front, winning himself his third world championship. Rain pours down on tracks, making driving conditions difficult and risky, forcing the F1 drivers to put their skills to the test. 

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