Terran are basically defensive race. They are best in their base. But if managed properly they are extremely strong.

This next build order will give you a strong midgame and you will defeat you opponent easily.

This should be done at bigger maps, simple because you enemy will have harder time finding you. Also it is important for you to scout as well. Let’s begin:

  • Build a supply depot. The Supply Depot allows for essential blockades in StarCraft 2, because of the fact that it can be lowered and raised allowing for units to walk over it or for it to be a blockade.
  • Constantly build more scv. It is a main worker of the Terran army. It is able to mine and construct buildings and repair l units and buildings. The SCV is occupied while constructing buildings but thankfully it is not consumed after finishing.
  • Build a barracks. After building start manufacturing marines. They are your main defense.
  • After you have enough minerals build a command center. It produces SCV’s and allows for the gathering of Minerals and Vespene Gas. After you construct it move it to the nearest mineral deposits so you can speed up mineral collection.
  • Transform the first command center into an orbital command. This enable to bring a MULE. It has an ability to mine twice as fast than SCV but last only 90 secs.
  • Build a refinery. The Refinery allows for the mining of Vespene Gas.
  • Build a factory, and start manufacturing Siege thanks.
  • Transform the second command center into an orbital command. Bring a MULE.
  • Another barracks. More marines.
  • You can build a starport but that’s up to you. I recommend that if you do create a raven and several banshees.

Terran have many strategies at their disposal. This is only one. Always try some new Starcraft strategies and find one that suits you the best.

By analia

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