In recent years, starting a Reseller Website Hosting business has evolved as a lucrative business option. Web Hosting Resellers sell web hosting services without having to spend on the infrastructure needed to support it. All you need to do is purchase a Reseller Hosting plan from a Reseller Hosting provider, create customized packages, and sell them to your clients. It is an excellent avenue to generate a regular stream of steady income. Many existing businesses and self-employed professionals have started offering web hosting services to boost their income. An essential feature, even of the best Linux Reseller Hosting plan is the ability to create a brand without the mention of the parent company – White Label Hosting. Today, we will talk about this feature and understand how it works.

White Label Hosting – How it works?

First, let’s look at what is Reseller Hosting?

When you launch a Reseller Hosting business, the parent hosting company takes care of the technical aspects and infrastructure, leaving you to establish and grow your business. However, if you sell hosting services under the name of a huge brand, then many clients would prefer buying the hosting plan from the company directly instead of a Hosting Reseller. 

Hence, most hosting companies offer a facility where Hosting Resellers can create a brand and sell web hosting packages like a regular hosting company. This feature, also known as the White Label Hosting feature, offers a range of benefits to hosting resellers.

It offers the flexibility to start Reselling Hosting services without worrying about selling hosting packages under another company’s brand name. With White Label Hosting, the Hosting Reseller’s clients will never know about the parent company. For them, the reseller is the hosting company, and they will contact the reseller for all queries.

Benefits of White Label Reseller Hosting

1. Business expansion

Most businesses look for expansion options by introducing new products and/or services to their catalog. White label hosting ensures that you can offer web hosting services to your clients under your existing brand name. Hence, it offers a great avenue to expand and grow your business.

2. Builds loyalty & trust

As mentioned above, people prefer buying from a company than from its affiliates or resellers. However, in web hosting, Hosting Resellers have certain advantages over hosting companies. They can customize the hosting packages and offer personalized service that a hosting company cannot. With White Label Hosting, you can offer web hosting packages to clients as an independent hosting entity. Hence, you can start building trust and loyalty, which can go a long way in helping you establish a profitable business.

Check out this video for a few more benefits of white label Reseller Hosting: 

Summing up

Reseller Hosting with white label support is a great option to start a business to resell web hosting services. Reseller Hosting is the cheapest way of starting a web hosting business that offers you the freedom to create a brand as you wish and capture the market. All you need to do is look for a reliable and efficient hosting provider and choose the plan and resources, according to the market that you plan to cater to. Good Luck!

By analia