With My Self in That Moment, Chamber Made gives us a dystopian view of our lost soul in the digital age


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Chamber Made/Pia Johnson

Chamber Manufactured/Pia Johnson

Overview: My Self in That Moment, directed by Tamara Saulwick for Chamber Built

In his visionary essay released just about a century in the past, Walter Benjamin argued that a little something of the aura is dropped in mechanical reproduction.

Now, Chamber Made’s My Self in That Minute requires a dystopian check out of the lost soul of the self in the electronic age.

Tensions involving device and human have prevailed since Descartes, and are getting to be ever more problematic in our existing techno-age.

Less than inventive director Tamara Saulwick, Chamber Manufactured creates multimodal initiatives that examine the intersection of technological innovation, audio and audio in live efficiency.

Composer and seem artist Peter Knight’s distinct, extended seems are drawn from the palette of the three vocalists who execute on unique evenings.

On the evening I attended it was Jessica Aszoldi, a regional export who now divides her time between the new songs scenes of Berlin and Chicago. Aszoldi delivers her heat and virtuosic voice with a characteristically compelling existence.

Hearing without viewing

When the manufacturing opens, the singer – the “self” of the title – is concealed from check out, guiding the mythologised Pythagorean veil.

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras would purportedly deliver lectures from powering a monitor so that his disciples could focus on content material.

This encounter of hearing the voice without observing the human who speaks kinds the basis of the do the job.

Hearing without seeing is a familiar experience in our current age. Chamber Made/Pia Johnson

Listening to with out observing is a common encounter in our present-day age. Chamber Produced/Pia Johnson

Audio, image and actual physical physique are decoupled, and little by little splintered like the a lot of aspects of our on line existence.

With monastic reason, Aszoldi interacts and intervenes with the image and audio of her entire body, dispersed over 49 networked cellular units, with the support of Steve Berrick’s technological wizardry.

Voice and graphic become ever more distorted by way of replication, imitation, pixelation, multiplication, looping and fragmentation. The voice is layered and transformed in unachievable strategies. Illustrations or photos of her actual physical body are sooner or later eroded, until finally all that remains are fragments of a former self.

It is as if the physique is dismembered and the soul carved out of the individual, display screen by display screen, limb by limb.

Revealed centre stage at the work’s apex is a disturbingly disfigured, unrecognisable, primal beast who writhes and grunts like a primitive animal.

Last but not least in the flesh

Ultimately this beast eliminates its second pores and skin. From the chrysalis emerges a susceptible, semi-naked human, at last in the flesh.

This human ought to study to communicate all over again.

The embryonic creature on phase will have to master the fundamentals of how to be human. How to communicate from the just about-heat AI voice of the “mother”. But we still listen to the uncanny valley of the voice. Androids imitate human beings, but flaws betray its conviction.

The self learns how to be in the world through the use of technology. Chamber Made/Pia Johnson

The self learns how to be in the globe by way of the use of technologies. Chamber Designed/Pia Johnson

My Self at That Minute opens up very important parts for reflection, especially at a time when the electronic self has grow to be a proxy for the authentic.

Our image is curated and expressed as an not possible drive. The division between public and private lifetime is significantly blurred.

Then there is a reliance on social media for likes, good friends or followers. Applications like So Young and GengMei, notably well-known in China, recommend digital cosmetic surgical procedures advancements for the encounter which can be immortalised in the actual. The AI voice of LaMDA expresses the depths of the human affliction with this sort of conviction it fools its Google developer that it has develop into sentient.

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Sooner or later the understanding is abandoned, the human voice starts to break down. Last but not least the chaotic, fractured physique replicated about the numerous cellular gadgets is put upon a funeral pyre – a memorial to the human overall body now deconstructed, and so destroyed. The post-human vocal drone gets unbearable. The self walks absent from the techno-dystopia they have produced.

All that continues to be is a hunk of engineering no more time functional. The soul, absent.

At this level, the operate could have showcased extra of Aszoldi’s amazing dwell voice, so the emotional intensity of a reclaiming of “self” is unveiled. How excellent it would have been to listen to her voice in all its glory, singing in the flesh, as a celebration of culture and humanity.

As a substitute, the undertaking presents a to some degree dystopian vision of our mediated society, exactly where we seem for approaches to negotiate our unsettling in excess of-reliance on technological innovation.

Can we, much too, arise from the chrysalis, rebirthed, to turn out to be the unmediated human, as soon as all over again?

My Self in That Minute is at The Substation, Melbourne, until finally July 30.

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